Vest For Tysso is a band led by William Edmonds, musician, artist and designer who works with Nous Vous Collective. Over the past few years the band has seen a few different formations, the current one featuring Stephen Clatworthy, Jonny Fryer (These Mountains) and fellow Nous Vous member Nicolas Burrows (Glaciers).

Vest For Tysso was born in Norway when William and Nicolas went travelling around Scandinavia. Ice, mountains, bears and fjords still inspire many of the songs. For their second gig they were invited to play Pop Montreal festival and now after a brief break they are back having recently supported Casiotone For the Painfully Alone, Blue Roses and Vetiver, among others, with a new sound and new songs.



From the Leeds Music Scene website:

“Awash with beautifully melancholic vocals and a healthy combination of dreamy acoustic and synthesised arrangements, Vest For Tysso serve up a delicious helping of electronically charged indie-pop with a resonating experimental outlook.”

From the POP Montreal program:

“Comin’ straight outta Compton, or rather, Leeds, Glacier fans will enjoy the UK’s newest jam bringing pop down from the mountains and into your Japanese living room. Sometimes it’s just best to go to a show, rather than try to describe one. Quite possibly the festival’s sleeper hit.”


Selected Tracks:

Skin Heels
Hawkes A Land


Find us:

On Myspace - www.myspace.com/vestfortysso
At our home - vestfortysso.blogspot.com/
Download our demos - here


Forthcoming Dates:

First weekend in May (date and venue TBC)
Live at Leeds


For further information and bookings, please contact will@nousvous.eu



Some demos we recorded live at the Chemic Tavern, late last year.

Download them HERE for your ear.x